Remembering ‘Time of Your Life’ Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt had that TV show Time of Your Life? It aired in 1999, right after Party of Five was canceled.

In every episode, the other characters would beg Jennifer Love Hewitt to sing and the men would fall in love with her. She’d be like, “Whaat? Me sing? I couldn’t.” Then the other characters would insist, and she’d be like, “You guys are so silly.” And then she’d sing AMAZINGLY WELL (or just competently) and the men would be like, “Dream woman!”

An example:


Ha ha, isn’t she a-dork-able?

Seriously. Every episode.

Time of You Life was canceled after one season. Then Jennifer Love Hewitt produced a TV movie where she played Audrey Hepburn, one of the most beloved actresses of all time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt 005

Oh Jennifer Love Hewitt…

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