My Cats Are Buddies

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Quill and Pixel, together 4ever.

Fort Ross

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Out on the California coast near Jenner is Fort Ross, which the Russians built and occupied from 1812-1820. Their main aim, along with the Spanish and other groups, was killing marine mammals like sea otters for their fur. The short-lived fort closed down after eight years because all the marine mammals had been hunted out, one of many cases where the seemingly unending resources of the “new world” were decimated in a short period of time.

However, the fort is a nice place to spend the afternoon. I took my son there last weekend. Pictures:


Behind the fort.


Inside the fort.


The chapel.


The bluff the park is located on.


I bet this is nicer than Siberia.


Highlight of the trip: I petted all these animal pelts. You have no idea how soft a beaver is until you pet one.

People Riding Zebras

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Today’s research hole led me into zebras. Here are pictures of people riding or otherwise domesticating zebras.








DevOps Troubleshooting In Chinese

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Check it out! It’s the Chinese translation of Kyle’s book, Dev Ops Troubleshooting.


Can you read this? I can’t.

So proud, though.

Remembering ‘Time of Your Life’ Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt had that TV show Time of Your Life? It aired in 1999, right after Party of Five was canceled.

In every episode, the other characters would beg Jennifer Love Hewitt to sing and the men would fall in love with her. She’d be like, “Whaat? Me sing? I couldn’t.” Then the other characters would insist, and she’d be like, “You guys are so silly.” And then she’d sing AMAZINGLY WELL (or just competently) and the men would be like, “Dream woman!”

An example:


Ha ha, isn’t she a-dork-able?

Seriously. Every episode.

Time of You Life was canceled after one season. Then Jennifer Love Hewitt produced a TV movie where she played Audrey Hepburn, one of the most beloved actresses of all time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt 005

Oh Jennifer Love Hewitt…

Mental Floss: 9 Mournful Facts About Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”

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I wrote another Halloween-themed Mental Floss post: 9 Mournful Facts About Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”

Ravens can really talk. Here’s a video of a raven saying “nevermore.”

3d Printed Frankenstein’s Monster Candy Bowl

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In addition to 3D printing our Halloween masks this year, we also printed a candy bowl.


It’s Frankenstein’s monster. He has a removable brain so we can fill his head with candy.


He glows in the dark.


Here he is with his brain


Here he is being printed out.


Here he is with his brain and a smaller version, a little brother, if you will.

Happy Halloween!

Belgium Pictures

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In addition to our trip to Amsterdam, we took a day trip to Bruges, Belgium. It’s a medieval town with several tall churches and a town square with a clock tower. Here are some pictures:




That’s me taking a picture in a reflective art sculpture. ARTY.


While there, we ate so much. I can’t believe I lost three pounds on this trip.


Belgium chocolates. I had the best caramel I’ve ever had at Pralinette.


Beer, of course. I was rather proud to see I was familiar with almost all the Belgium beers we encountered. Woman of the world. Or at least, a beer pub.


Here’s Kyle eating a waffle. You can add lots of toppings: sprinkles, chocolate, fruit, and so forth. Kyle just had whip cream.

After eating, we walked around more.







There are lace shops everywhere.


You know how in 18th-19th century novels, women are always going on about lace, and how they have to buy a new lace collar, and how lace is so special and expensive and wonderful? I never understood that until this trip. Lace making is a complex craft that has been almost lost in the age of machinery. To see what I mean, check out this video of a woman in Bruges making lace.

The Atlantic: Should Literary Journals Charge Writers Just to Read Their Work?

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I’m excited to share an article I wrote for The Atlantic on literary journal reading fees. It looks into whether literary journals should charge writers fees to submit their writing, an important issue that needs more discussion.

Check out: Should Literary Journals Charge Writers Just to Read Their Work?

Mental Floss: Halloween Edition

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Here are my latest Mental Floss articles. They are Halloween themed. Wooo (spooky noise).


10 Monstrous Facts About ‘Frankenstein’

The amount of death that happened around Mary Shelley during the writing and publication of Frankenstein is astounding. Three children, her half-sister, Percy Shelley’s first wife… the list goes on. No wonder she wrote about bringing the dead back to life.


10 Blood-Curdling Facts About ‘Dracula’

There are so many interesting components that went into writing Dracula: Jack the Ripper, the painter Rossetti digging up his dead wife’s grave, the connection between English vampires and Frankenstein, and more.


15 Mysterious Facts About Owls

I love owls.


11 Facts About ‘The Grapes of Wrath’

I don’t know about you, but going through the Dust Bowl sounds like a much scarier nightmare than Frankenstein’s monster.


11 Strange Facts About ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’

There’s a theory that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote this book while on a three-day cocaine binge. It makes sense.

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