Kyle Rankin To Keynote At SCALE

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Kyle is going to be the keynote speaker at the Southern California Linux Expo in February. It’s Kyle’s first keynote.

The speech will be about 3D printing, which I mentioned in this post. Description of the speech:

Your average geek has probably heard of 3D printers but may not know about all of the Open Source underpinnings that have made the 3D printing boom possible. In this talk Kyle will discuss the similarities between the history of hobbyist 3D printers and the history of some popular Linux distributions. He will then talk about some of the 3D printers available today and help you justify buying your own 3D printer with examples of useful things you can print for around the house.


And Now, Hot Air Balloons

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On the morning I moved to Sonoma County, there was a single hot air balloon floating over a vineyard just off the highway.

I knew this was the place for me to live.

I’ve never been up in one because it costs about $600 for two people to go in my area, which is kind of insane.


Still, I wish hot air balloons were a major form of travel. They are so magical (a word I hate, but still) floating in the sky.


“The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology,” says Wikipedia.

They were invented in France.

“Technical illustration from 1818 showing early balloon designs.”


Sometimes I think I would like to learn how to fly a hot air balloon. They don’t seem scary like hang gliding, for example.


And then I would buy a hot air balloon that I would keep in my backyard, and occasionally I would take it up in the sky.


I wonder how much a used hot air balloon costs. Less than $600?

Story: The Lil’ Richy Einstein Play-a-Majig

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I have a short humor/satire piece in Defenestration this morning. It’s inspired by toy shopping over the holidays.

Check it out: The Lil’ Richy Einstein Play-a-Majig.


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On a recent walk, I took a picture of this woman watching a 2-year-old have a fit in an outdoor restaurant. The kid wanted to look at a boat in the Petaluma river, his parents wanted him to eat his dinner, and there was a battle of wills going on.

Apparently, it stuck in this woman’s craw, judging from the look on her face.

Or maybe not. It’s hard to tell what people are thinking sometimes.

I think parents aren’t afraid of their children having fits in public so much as they are afraid of being judged by other people when it inevitably happens. Everyone should give parents a break.

It reminds me of this Louis CK bit:

Baby’s First Hike

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On Saturday, we took Gideon on his first hike. He slept through much of it.

January List

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I like list blog entries. Here is a list:

* January is the best time to go wine tasting. The wineries are empty and the bored winery employees give you special treatment.

* I bought this fox print by Carson Ellis for my son’s room, but Kyle is worried it will encourage Gideon to smoke a pipe. So it’s going in my office, where it can’t be a bad influence.

* Related: Carson’s blog is pretty cool.

* I like reading people’s New Year’s resolutions. Many people resolved to write more in 2013, so they’re all updating their blogs.

* I believe in resolutions. I did all my 2012 resolutions, except one. Not to brag, or anything.

* One of my 2013 resolutions is to stop reading garbage on the Internet. Like Gawker media and other linkbait/gossip sites. So far it has not been hard.

* I also resolve to stop overusing exclamation marks on social media (not a problem in my work) and the phrase “a lot.”
* The movie Lincoln was so well written. The dialogue used the language of the time beautifully, and without fear of talking down to the audience.

* The playwright Tony Kushner wrote the screenplay. He’s best known for Angels In America. I like his work.

* (Side note: why isn’t it “playwrite”?)

* Marcia and I LiveTweeted the Seal song, in case you missed it. Read from the bottom up.

Happy 2013

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My friend Laura made this. I like it.

2012 was one of the best years of my life. A lot of that has to do with having Gideon, of course. But so many big things happened that any one of them would make the year mentionable. Here’s a sampling:

    Kyle got a new job.
    I got a literary agent.
    We had our 10th wedding anniversary.
    My parents had their 50th wedding anniversary.
    Kyle published a book.
    We paid off our second mortgage.
    We both published and spoke many times.
    We bought a car.
    We remodelled our bathroom, bought bookshelves for my office, turned the guest room into Gideon’s room, and bought a shed for Kyle to convert into an office.

Happy New Year!