But I’m Not Patient…

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“Of course any novelist has difficulties. I don’t have ‘blocks,’ I mean I don’t get into a state where absolutely nothing can be done for weeks; I can always do something, though the something that I do may have to be revised later on… I think the thing to do is to make one’s unconscious mind work for one. When there’s a problem, and suddenly you get a sort of knot in the procedure, where you want to do two things that are incompatible, for instance, or when you can’t really see what a character is like — there’s a sort of blank slate where the character ought to be — then you must meditate upon the problem, set it, as it were, as a problem to your unconscious mind, and hope that suddenly some creative flash will arrive. And that is a time that requires very great patience.” — Iris Murdoch, The Threepenny Review, 1984

Article(s): Beneath the Sea and Roof Positive

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I have a couple of articles in this issue of the Pacific Sun. One is about Davidson Seamount, a giant underwater volcano that they are just now starting to explore. They have found amazing sea creatures down there. Excerpt:

In the waters off Monterey, 10,000 feet below the ocean surface, is the lost world of Davidson Seamount. Down there in the darkness, pink bubblegum coral stands 8 feet tall. Spiny pink-and-white crabs scuttle across rocks. Sock tunicates bob in the current, tethered to the ground by only a string. It’s a place so pristine and full of potential that it was recently made part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, which spans from Marin County all the way down to Hearst Castle.

More here.

I also wrote about the living roof on the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park for the same issue.