Smithsonian Article: The Forgotten Dust Bowl Novel That Rivaled The Grapes of Wrath

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I’m so excited to announce my first article in The Smithsonian, The Forgotten Dust Bowl Novel That Rivaled The Grapes of Wrath.

It’s about Sanora Babb, who wrote a great Dust Bowl novel called Whose Names Are Unknown the same time John Steinbeck wrote The Grapes of Wrath. In fact, Babb used much of the same research material as Steinbeck and saw many of the same things. When The Grapes of Wrath came out, Babb’s book was shelved for 65 years. Read the article to find out more!

Humor Article: How To Tell If You’re A Lady In A 1950s Melodrama

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I have a short humor piece in Defenestration titled How To Tell If You’re A Lady In A 1950s Melodrama. I watched a lot of bad movies to write it, so I know it’s accurate.


Sure, his relentless stalking caused an accident that made you go blind, and then he pretended to be someone else to make you fall in love with him, but he’s a great guy, and you won’t have people pitying him for marrying a blind woman. The only solution is to go away and love him from afar.

Read the rest here.


Spring Is Sliding Through My Fingers

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You might think I’ve forgotten this blog. I haven’t. There’s just so much going on and it’s a low priority. Here are some things that are happening this May:

* I have a few articles coming out that I’m very excited about. I will post them when they’re published.

* I’m going to the Cuttyhunk Island Writers’ Residency in June. I’ll be studying with Paul Harding, who wrote Tinkers, which is a great book. I’ve never done anything like this before, and I’m nervous and excited and worried about missing my son.

* Gideon is turning 4 this weekend. It’s a weird pressure to plan a kid’s birthday. You want him to have the best time ever, even though you know your son is perfectly happy playing with a rock. I’m making a cake. It has been requested that there be cherries on top.

* I planted my garden:


* For Marcia’s birthday in June, I’m finally going on a hot air balloon ride. I’ll post pictures. We’re also thinking of getting facials, another first for me. Yes, I’m selfishly using my best friend’s birthday to tick off life experiences. She’s cool with it.

* Upcoming things that are happening: remodeling our kitchen, another artist residency, vacation to somewhere, finishing a novel, editing the other novel, writing writing writing.

* My house is haunted:


I Was On An All About Beer Panel

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Earlier this year, I was on a beer panel for All About Beer magazine. That means I got to sit in a room with other panelists, taste beers, and come up with descriptions of nuances and flavors. It was fun. Check out the March issue to see which beers we liked the best.

Book Review: The Nest By Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

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Check it out! I have a book review up at KQED on The Nest By Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. Click here to read Review: Is ‘The Nest’ Worth Its Famed Seven-Figure Advance?

Facts About I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings In Mental Floss

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Check out my most recent Mental Floss post, 11 Facts About I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Maya Angelou was such a fascinating person.

Truth Is Stranger Than Children’s Fiction In Writer’s Digest

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I have an article in the March/April issue of Writer’s Digest titled “When Truth Is Stranger Than (Children’s) Fiction.” Next time you’re in a bookstore, pick up a copy and check it out.


Food-Related Things I’ve Done Recently

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* I went mushroom hunting a few times. Once I found a bunch of hedgehog mushrooms and took them home and made risotto. Later when I was in Whole Foods, I saw hedgehog mushrooms on sale for $30/pound. Apparently mushroom hunting is lucrative.


* I installed a grape arbor in my yard and planted a grape to climb it.


* I planned my garden for the year. New plants I’m trying include ground cherries, hot pink amaranth, and glass gem corn.


* I baked a lot. I made several loaves of bread, which I’m starting to enjoy. It’s pretty thrilling to cut open a fresh loaf of bread and slather a slice with butter.


* Unrelated, I went on a boat. Here’s a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.


* We drastically reduced the number of times we’re going out to eat, and you know what? I don’t miss it at all. However, one time I went out for oysters and they were great.

* Right now I’m harvesting eggs, arugula, chives, leeks, oranges, and meyer lemons from my yard. I have no idea what to do with all those meyer lemons.

* Most of these images were originally on Twitter.

* Unrelated again, check out this manzanita tree.


Article: Secret Garden In Mental Floss

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I have a new post up at Mental Floss: 8 Lovely Facts About The Secret Garden. I was surprised to learn that Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic book is basically an allegory for Christian Science. Weird.

Click here to read the article.

Monterey Trip

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Last month, I took a short trip to Monterey. Turns out January is a great time to visit. Here are some pictures.


It was a beautiful day.


Me: There’s something very old-fashioned about that man.

Marcia: Is it that he’s wearing a suit to the beach?

Me: That must be it.


Beautiful pelicans.


Flower girls. I saw so many weddings while there. At least five, maybe more.


Carmel Mission with yet another wedding.


Beautiful silken water.


See the seal head popping out of the water? It wanted those men to leave so it could go back to sleeping on the dock.


Tor House, the home of poet Robinson Jeffers.


Sea lions.


I also saw a ton of sea otters but never managed to get a good photograph.

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